Hit The Bottle - Tricky Sticky Jelly Stamper

Hit The Bottle - Tricky Sticky Jelly Stamper

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Product description

A large transparent stamper. Comes with two stamper heads, that are softer, squishy and much more sticky than the "Double Shot - no ice".

****I find this stamper slightly harder to use than the Double Shot as you need less of a rolling motion and a softer touch to pick up an image. But it does give you a bolder image. This stamper may not suit your style of stamping technique.***

This stamper differs from the original Double Shot in that the diamantes have been removed from the base. Handy for making decals or just having a spare stamper head.

*Remember it is best to use a LIGHT TOUCH and a ROLLING MOTION to pick up an image with a clear stamper.*
This stamper does not need to be primed and will work straight from the box.
The stamper heads can be fragile so it is best to leave them in the holder as much as possible.
You may find the stamper heads need to be washed with dish washing liquid every now and then to restore their former stickyness. Let them air dry again before using.
Please only clean heads with a lint roller or tape. Never acetone, as this can cause the stamper to go cloudy and break down over time.

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