Peppermint Crème Hot Wax

Peppermint Crème Hot Wax

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Product description
A luxury, superior hot waxing formula made with the highest grade of roisin and ingredients to ensure coarse hair as short as 1-2mm is removed comfortably. A high performance formula designed for clients with sensitive skin, the Peppermint Creme hot wax is designed for facial and intimate waxing and will quickly and efficiently remove hairs from these sensitive areas. \n \nBenefits \n \nRemoves coarse hair as short as 1-2mm \nExtremely flexible and will not snap \nQuick set off time & no waiting around \nShrink-wraps to hair and not skin \nUplifting signature Peppermint fragrance \nInfused with Tea Tree oil and Echinacea \n100% Cruelty Free \nAreas for use \n \nIdeal for all intimate, underarm and facial waxing including lip, chin and nostrils. (This wax isn't suitable for larger areas) FEATURES \n"Peppermint hot wax is a super-pliable, creamy textured peelable wax that combines ease of use with effective hair removal. Customers love its low temperature and gentle skin release, making it an ideal choice for the face, underarms and intimate waxing." - Andy Rouillard - Axiom Bodyworks | Menâ's Grooming & Wax Academy \n \nHow much can you earn from an 800g box of Wax Beads? \n \nUpper Lip \n \nAvg. number of treatments per pot = 133 \nAvg. cost per treatment = £0.11 \nCharge to client* = £6.00 - £10.00 \nProfit = £1,300.00+ per box \n \nBikini \n \nAvg. number of treatments per pot = 18 \nAvg. cost per treatment = £0.78 \nCharge to client* = £15.00 - £30.00 \nProfit = £530.00+ per box \n \nBrazilian \n \nAvg. number of treatments per pot = 7 \nAvg. cost per treatment = £1.99 \nCharge to client* = £32.00 - £44.00 \nProfit = £300.00+ per box \n \n*dependent on geographical location \n \nAfter much market research we found that 80%+ Professionals have their favourite type of hot wax which typically come in a Roisin and Rosin free versions, some have flexibility so you can do bigger areas (great for new to wax clients and more sensitive areas including intimate). \n \nWe worked with a group of wax experts with a combined experience of 70+ years, sourced the best roisins and ingredients to create a wax that would give you exceptional results as well as give your clients the least painful experience. \n \nThis luxurious range also looks amazing in your work space, the wax caddy enables you to swap your work area over quickly in between clients or handy for Therapists on the go. \n \nReviews confirm that Sienna X has put the "Treat" into your wax treatments. \n \nBest quality peelable wax - meaning less pain for your clients \nGrabs hair as short as 1-2mm* - meaning more frequent visits \nQuick melting beads - no hammers needed \nEasy pour recyclable box - takes up less storage space too \nFresh calming fragrance - relaxing for your client
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